Brazilian customers on version 13.2.8 of Retail Merchandising System (RMS) and Retail Fiscal Management (RFM) can now apply the latest compliance patch, available for download by eligible users hereThis patch was released as a hot fix in order to comply with new Brazil legislation regarding the layout of the electronic Nota Fiscal (NFe 3.10) that will be mandatory in the country in April 2015. This hot fix, available now, will be included as part of release v13.2.9 of RMS/RFM.


The new NFe enhancements were certified with the Synchro DFe Manager solution.  Customers must contact Synchro directly for information about required updates.


Detailed information on the NFe 3.10 enhancements can be found in the following:
My Oracle Support Document 1923623.1 : Oracle® Retail Fiscal Management Updating Support for Nota Fiscal Eletronica 3.10