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If you did not get to attend the Retail Price Management Pricing Strategies Overview Advisor Webcast on January 22, 2015, don't worry!


You can access the session recording and presentation PDF file here.  You will also find the interactive Q&A from the live webcast in the same thread.



The retail market has seen a dramatic shift that is being driven by consumer demands, and retailers must adapt to this shift and provide consumers information and activities in that context.  This shift has seen a dramatic need for our solutions to be able to support “Commerce Anywhere,” which means the ability to support customer orders placed from anywhere, sourced from anywhere, and returned anywhere.


A new document is available on My Oracle Support that describes Oracle’s approach to Commerce Anywhere in the Retail 14.1 release.  The Commerce Anywhere solution described in this document facilitates a retailer’s ability to integrate Oracle Retail applications with on-line order capture (OOC) and order management (OMS) applications.  This integration supports the ability to perform real-time available inventory lookups into Oracle Retail applications, create customer orders fulfilled from suppliers or retailer locations, and fulfill these customer orders.


Click here to visit this article in the Oracle Retail Commerce Anywhere Functional Library.




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