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The Oracle Retail Localization - India Requirements for Retail white paper is comprehensive enablement material that describes retail-related legislation and common business practices in India. It contains the description of all transactions that can occur in a retail business along with the related obligations in terms of tax and reporting. The paper also documents the common business practice requirements around Multiple Maximum Retail Price (MMRP) and its implications. As legislation is changing rapidly in India, the paper additionally documents recent developments for the Global Sales Tax (GST) reform which is currently in progress.

To read more about Oracle's considerations of retail-related requirements in India, be sure to visit Document 1989828.1 in My Oracle Support.


Oracle Retail Point of Service Patch 14.0.2 contains a number of bug fixes that were found in version 14.0.1 both externally and internally. Oracle recommends that customers and solution implementers take advantage of the defect fixes and enhancements included in this patch. In particular, if you are currently implementing version 14.0.x, this is a good time to download the latest installers from My Oracle Support.

Please visit Recommended Patches for Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Suite: Version 14.0.x (Doc ID 1662969.1) for links to the 14.0.2 patches and read me files.


The Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) is a collection of detailed implementation information for partners and retailers, and the Retail 14.1 version is now available on My Oracle Support.  The RRL includes business process models, architectural diagrams, and standard retail terms, and represents deep retail intellectual property that Oracle Retail shares in order to help customers accelerate their implementations and derive maximum value from Oracle Retail software. 

The Retail Reference Library contains the three components listed below. Each of the three components can be installed and utilized independently.


  • The Retail Reference Model (RRM) is a comprehensive collection of established, industry leading business processes which guide retailers and implementers on the use of Oracle Retail applications.
  • The Retail Reference Architecture (RRA) describes various views of Oracle Retail’s solution offerings, including contextual models, integration models, and deployment models.
  • The Retail Semantic Glossary (RSG) is a Web-based application that facilitates a single source for defining terms, metrics, and measures used by retailers.


For more information on downloading the Retail Reference Library (available for the 14.0 and 14.1 releases), please see Document 1617507.1 on My Oracle Support. 



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