The My Oracle Support Communities provide a forum where you can collaborate with Oracle experts and industry peers.  There are 6 Retail communities as follows:

  • Retail Merchandising System (RMS) - covering RMS, Retail Warehouse Management System (RWMS), Retail Analytics (RA), Retail Integration Bus (RIB), Retail Sales Audit (ReSA)
  • Store Inventory Management (SIM)
  • Point-of-Service Suite (RPOS)
  • Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS)
  • Price Management (RPM)
  • Invoice Matching (ReIM)


You can access all the Retail communities at You can search on topics of interest, post questions, share your knowledge, learn from others' experiences, access popular knowledge content, and stay informed about events such as Advisor Webcasts and Oracle Open World. Customer feedback tells us that the communities are a preferred resource due to quick responses and ease of use.  Visit the communities today and take advantage of this dynamic, collaborative environment.