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The Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) is a collection of detailed implementation information assembled for our partners and customers, including business process models, architectural diagrams, and more. The Oracle Retail Reference Library contains deep retail intellectual property that we are sharing in order to help our customers accelerate their implementations and derive maximum value from our software. Not only do our customers get software from us, but also a wealth of information to help with their implementations.


The goal of the Retail Reference Library is three-fold:

  • Decrease the retailer’s time-to-value, by lessening the implementation time
  • Decrease the retailer’s total cost of ownership of Oracle Retail products, by minimizing modifications through better alignment with product direction
  • Serve as a baseline for the retailer’s differentiation—they can take more processes out-of-the-box while focusing customization efforts on the processes that differentiate them in their marketplace


For whom is the RRL intended?

  • Retail clients who have purchased and are implementing any of the Oracle Retail products
  • Integrators and implementers who are implementing the Oracle Retail products
  • Business analysts who want to understand how the systems can be applied to meet their business solutions
  • System analysts and system operation personnel who need additional functional understanding of the Oracle Retail products


A new resource is available in the My Oracle Support knowledge base that catalogs all the relevant Retail Reference Library collateral and organizes it by release.  To get more information, please see:

Document 2058843.2 - Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) Information Center and Release Index



This announcement/alert applies to users of Retail Merchandising System (RMS) 14.1.x who utilize XITEM subscription.  There is no impact to users of previous releases of RMS.


The following My Oracle Support document outlines important information related to the XITEM subscription process, including mandatory changes that RMS 14.1.x customers should employ:

XItem Processing in RMS 14.1 Changed to Synchronous Mode (Doc ID 2049192.1)



For questions about this communication, or to engage an Oracle Support representative, please create a forum thread in the Oracle Retail Merchandising System User Community.



The Oracle Retail software organization is announcing a new method of delivery for published release collateral associated with a given patch:  Defect Documents and Product Documentation (Release Notes, Installation Guides, User Guides, etc.).

The new publication mechanism will allow for easier maintenance and correction of defect and product documentation, as needed, by the Sustaining Engineering team. The new distribution will additionally allow customers, implementers, and Support personnel greater ease of access to the reports/documentation collateral.

For details on this important announcement, please see the following document in My Oracle Support:

Oracle Retail Announcement: New Delivery Method for Published Patch Collateral (Defect Reports, Product Documentation) (Document 2051575.1)

For questions about this announcement, please create a forum thread in the Oracle Retail Application User Communities.


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