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Retail Merchandising System (RMS) 15.0 introduces support for an induction framework for purchase orders (PO).


This framework provides more flexibility for retailers who wish to induct purchase orders from external systems into RMS such as a vendor or a planning application.


PO induction uses templates to configure the format of the data being uploaded, as well as to define defaults for data that may not be available from external systems.  It also uses a staging concept, as was the case for Item Induction in RMS 14.1, such that PO data can be built out over time, before the upload to RMS.  POs can be inducted manually using spreadsheets, through the Retail Integration Bus (RIB), or in bulk.


For more details on PO Induction, review the PO Induction Overview White Paper released as part of the Oracle Retail Merchandising Functional Library (Doc ID 1585843.1).



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