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Release Value Propositions (RVPs) outline functional details, identify major enhancements, and articulate the expected business benefits associated with a particular release. The documents are designed to help you determine whether new product features warrant upgrading from an old release or embarking on a new implementation. With this information, you will be able to initiate preliminary budget planning and begin putting together a project team to further evaluate specific Oracle products.


Oracle Retail is pleased to announce that the Retail 16.0 RVPs are now available on My Oracle Support through Document 2178140.1 - Oracle Retail 16.0.x Release Value Propositions (RVP)


Value proposition documents are available for the following components of the Retail 16.0 suite:

  • Oracle Retail Advanced Inventory Planning (AIP)
  • Oracle Retail Advanced Science Engine Cloud Services (ORASE Cloud)
  • Oracle Retail Brand Compliance Cloud Service
  • Oracle Retail Customer Engagement Cloud Services
  • Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting (RDF)
  • Oracle Retail Integration Suite
  • Oracle Retail Open Commerce Platform Cloud Service (OCP Cloud)
  • Oracle Retail Order Broker Cloud Service
  • Oracle Retail Order Broker (on premise)
  • Oracle Retail Order Management System Cloud Service (OMS Cloud)
  • Oracle Retail Merchandising Operations Management (MOM Suite)
  • Oracle Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS)
  • Oracle Retail Planning & Optimization Cloud Services
  • Oracle Commerce - Retail Extension Module
  • Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management (SIM)
  • Oracle Retail Xstore Suite



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