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Oracle Retail Point of Service  Suite Patches 14.0.4 and 14.1.3 containing a number of bug fixes that were found in versions 14.0.3 and 14.1.2 respectively. Oracle recommends that customers and solution implementers take advantage of all fixes and enhancements included in the patches. If you are currently implementing version 14.0.x or 14.1.x, this is a good time to download the latesSoftwaredownload.pngt installers from My Oracle Support.


For links to the 14.1.3 patches and read me files, visit Recommended Patches for Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Suite: Version 14.1.x (Doc ID 2067812.1).


Both patches are terminal patch releases.  Thus, no new patches will be released on versions 14.0 or 14.1.  Please review the Lifetime Support Policies brochure located on to understand the time lines for the different code lines and the end of Premier Support. Currently versions 14.1.x and 14.0.x have active Premier Support.


Note: Defect reports are now available via the Oracle Retail Applications Defect Report Documents (Doc ID 2021275.1)


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