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Matching of invoices to receipts is the core functionality of Invoice Matching.

Once, invoices are matched to receipts, they need to be posted to the financial system. Posting of invoices may fail for many different reasons.

If an invoice was stuck in Matched status and doesn't get posted, in RelM15.0, technical support team would need to get involved to identify the root cause and fix the issue.


With ReIM 16.0, a new process is introduced that allows the end user to view the posting errors and understand the reasons for those errors.

Depending on the root cause, users with appropriate access may be able to fix the problem in the new screen or determine where additional setup is needed to allow the posting for the specific document to be completed successfully.

Please refer to ReIM 16.0 User Guide for more details on this topic.

cnt2267539.jpgSelecting stock orders and distributing on a wave is the core operation of Oracle Retail Warehouse Management System (RWMS). Highlighted in this blog are two very useful self help documents created in My Oracle Support.


When distribution is taking long time to complete the execution, below note should help with performance improvement in most cases:

What are the Recommendations on Frequency of Analyzing Tables and Rebuilding Indexes in RWMS Application? (Doc ID 362803.1)


Distribution is a complex process that must ensure compliance with numerous rules and business logics in order for the warehouse to be able to fulfill store demands. For troubleshooting purposes, Oracle has compiled a list of points to check against below note when a stock order to a store is not fulfilled as expected by distribution: What to Check When a Stock Order to a Store Does Not Get Distributed? (Doc ID 1410253.1).

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