If you are using RWMS 16.0, you will be utilizing Oracle Forms Services 12c ( Ensure that mandatory Forms patch 22184867 is installed to avoid FRM-93652 exception. O_Retail_clr.bmpReview Doc ID 2260556.1: FRM-93652 Exception Raised While Invoking User Class Editor Screen, for additional details.


Also issue has been reported on multiple different forms that throw DMS error with "Invalid user identifier or password. Re-enter. ORA-0000: normal, successful operation..." logged in ERROR_LOG table and after that the user session hangs. This has been reported for below GUI screens:

1. Inventory Management -> Confirm Paper Pick to Belt / Confirm Paper Pick to Pallet / Confirm Paper Unit Pick

2. Processing -> Order Consolidation / Packing / Resolve Trouble / Quality Assurance

3. Receiving -> Container Checking

4. Returns -> Return to Vendor


In order to address this issue, apply Oracle Forms Services 12c ( patch 21534616. For further details regarding this Forms related issue, check Doc ID 2192436.1: Intermittent 12c Crashes with Segfault when Querying, or Saving Records - FRM-93652 - or FRM-40007: Invalid user identifier or password. Re-enter when Logging On


FRM-93652 exception has also been reported in a different application due to Linux OS level updates. Below note is provided for the same, in case if that too is required:

Doc ID 2288127.1: FRM-93652, FRM-93656 Errors After Linux Kernel OS Updates