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RTLOG file is transaction logs comes from Point of Sale(POS) system and process in  Retail Sales Audit(ReSA) system.

RTLOG file format changed  to allow 40 characters in place of  16 characters for coupon numbers.

This field COUPON NUMBER is part of  Discount(IDISC) and Tender(TTEND) record type in RTLOG .


If RTLOG format not changed to increase size in IDISC and TTEND records, RTLOG processing in ReSA will fail with GARBAGE_IN_RECORD.

Please see Note 2223509.1 and Note 2338626.1  for details.

O_Retail_clr.bmpWhen multiple users tried to access the RMS UI (Retail Merchandising System User Interface) application, severe performance issues were observed.

This was caused by few incorrect entries from the jazn-data.xml saved into the RMS OPSS schema.  This file contained definitions for incorrect

Please follow the instructions as given in  Solution Section of the  Doc ID 2287719.1 to resolve performance issue caused by incorrect policies.

With 16.0 release, the RMS user-interface has been re-written to use Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF). The existing Oracle Forms framework for RMS has been deprecated.


The new technology provides an enhanced user experience through a re-architecting of the application screens, enhanced user experience through the use of business intelligence (BI) driven workflows, user-centric design and the building of role-based dashboards.


Although the look of the new user interface differs significantly from previous versions, the underlying application, including the core data model, Major Calculations, batch processing and integration remains largely the same as in previous releases. The benefits of the modernization of merchandising are many, including a reduced total cost of ownership because RMS, RTM, Allocation, ReIM, and ReSA all reside on the same technology.

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