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Oracle Retail Merchandising applications (RMS, RTM, ReIM,  ReSA and Allocation) have been modernized using Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) to improve overall user experience, fit retailer needs and simplify business processes, allowing retailers to run leaner and more efficiently. These ADF applications can be customized for retailers to tailor the applications to best suit their business practices.  To customize these applications the System Integrators/Retailers need to have knowledge on the following:


  • ADF Framework
  • Leveraging the seeded customization framework in ADF to extend the Retail applications


Oracle Retail recommends the following documentation and training to enable Partners and Customers to support their ADF customization requirements.


1.       Oracle University (Training) - Oracle Middleware 12c: Build Rich Client Applications with ADF Ed 1

2.       Oracle Retail GA Documentation  Refer to the Oracle Retail Merchandising Operations Guide - Volume 3  (Chapter 6 - Customization of Retail Applications)

3.       My Oracle Support (White Paper) - Oracle Retail Merchandising ADF Customization Guide  (Doc ID 2018356.1)

4.      Oracle University (Training) - Oracle Retail Learning Subscription (RLS) for Merchandising (Channels : Your Resources)



Oracle Retail Patch Value Propositions (PVP) are deliverables that provide retailers with a view of fixes and enhancements (functional, technical, integration, and so on) that are scheduled for inclusion in a patch. PVPs are provided at either the product level or the solution unit level, and they are intended to assist partners and retailers in their long-term planning.

PVP documents are now available for version 15.0.1 and can be found in Patch Value Propositions for Oracle Retail Applications Releases 12, 13, 14, and 15 (Doc ID 1996991.1).


Retail Merchandising System (RMS) 15.0 introduces support for an induction framework for purchase orders (PO).


This framework provides more flexibility for retailers who wish to induct purchase orders from external systems into RMS such as a vendor or a planning application.


PO induction uses templates to configure the format of the data being uploaded, as well as to define defaults for data that may not be available from external systems.  It also uses a staging concept, as was the case for Item Induction in RMS 14.1, such that PO data can be built out over time, before the upload to RMS.  POs can be inducted manually using spreadsheets, through the Retail Integration Bus (RIB), or in bulk.


For more details on PO Induction, review the PO Induction Overview White Paper released as part of the Oracle Retail Merchandising Functional Library (Doc ID 1585843.1).



Hi Everyone,


The latest Community update brought two new features:


Tabbed Community Information Centers:



The new Tabbed Information Center at the top of the community page (outlined in red above) provides a cleaner view of content available and is more consistent with the layout of the Information Centers within our Knowledge Base.  The screenshot above is from the Retail Merchandising System community.  Note: The tab names/content may vary by community.


'Give Feedback' Link:


The new ‘Give Feedback’ Link (outlined in red above) is located to the right of the new Tabbed Community Information Center and opens a survey (shown above). Use this link to give feedback on a particular Community to let us know what we can improve or to provide any other comments you may have.



Oracle Retail is excited to announce that Oracle Retail version 15 was released in December 2015.  This release brings key MICROS integrations, new features and functionality, the extension of the applications through 4 new cloud offerings and the continuation of a massive rewrite of Retail products using Oracle ADF technology.  In order to learn more about the release and the value version 15 can bring to your business, visit the following resources.


The Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) is a collection of detailed implementation information assembled for our partners and customers, including business process models, architectural diagrams, and more. The Oracle Retail Reference Library contains deep retail intellectual property that we are sharing in order to help our customers accelerate their implementations and derive maximum value from our software. Not only do our customers get software from us, but also a wealth of information to help with their implementations.  The version 15 RRL can be accessed via Document 2097426.1 - Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) 15.0 and all versions can be accessed via Document 2058843.2 - Oracle Retail Reference Library (RRL) Information Center and Release Index.


The version 15 Retail Documentation Library can be found on the Oracle Technology Network (OTN) here.  You will find all relevant User, Technical, Operations and Implementation Guides as well as Release Notes, batch schedules and more.  Be sure to follow the Oracle Retail Documentation Blog to stay up to date on the latest documentation for Retail products.


Oracle Retail has published Release Value Propositions (RVP) to My Oracle Support to provide an overview of features and enhancements that are included in Release 15.0 of Oracle Retail. They are intended solely to help retailers and partners assess the business benefits of upgrading to Oracle Retail Release 15.0 and to plan information technology projects and investments.  A number of the RVPs address applications that were formerly offered by the company MICROS and are now a part of their first Oracle Retail enterprise release.  You can read more about the Version 15 RVPs in this Oracle Retail Documentation Blog post – Announcing Release Value Propositions for Oracle Retail Enterprise 15.0.


Oracle Retail recently launched their Oracle Retail Science and Oracle Retail Insights Cloud Services.  These services will enable retailers to make better data-driven decisions that will result in improved operations and customer experience.  Read all about these exciting new services here.


The My Oracle Support Communities provide a forum where you can collaborate with Oracle experts and industry peers.  There are 6 Retail communities as follows:

  • Retail Merchandising System (RMS) - covering RMS, Retail Warehouse Management System (RWMS), Retail Analytics (RA), Retail Integration Bus (RIB), Retail Sales Audit (ReSA)
  • Store Inventory Management (SIM)
  • Point-of-Service Suite (RPOS)
  • Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS)
  • Price Management (RPM)
  • Invoice Matching (ReIM)


You can access all the Retail communities at You can search on topics of interest, post questions, share your knowledge, learn from others' experiences, access popular knowledge content, and stay informed about events such as Advisor Webcasts and Oracle Open World. Customer feedback tells us that the communities are a preferred resource due to quick responses and ease of use.  Visit the communities today and take advantage of this dynamic, collaborative environment.



Have you been wondering if training is available for your Oracle Retail 14.0 solutions?  Do you need to learn how to configure, administer, manage and use your Oracle Retail 14.0 applications?  

Oracle University offers over 20 courses that span the Oracle Retail product set.  Classes are routinely scheduled in our Live Virtual Classroom format, which enables you to attend live, hands-on training via the internet.   Here are some of our more popular Oracle Retail 14.0 courses. 


Be sure to check out the entire list of available Oracle Retail courses and schedules.


Oracle Retail Merchandising System

The Retail Merchandising System (RMS) helps manage the fundamental processes of a retail business. The RMS training provides a deep understanding of how to use this solution to manage your operations through seamless execution of processes, such as purchasing, distribution, order fulfillment & financial close. Some courses in this area include:

Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization

Oracle Retail Planning and Optimization solutions let you apply multiple data sources and optimization science with a common demand forecast to optimize assortments, pricing, promotion, and space. Training will help you learn how to implement, use and leverage these solutions so that you can drive sales and margin. Some courses in this area include:

Oracle Retail Store Operations

  Stores remain the nucleus of the human touch point. Oracle Retail Store Operations help you adapt and deploy service and sales platforms to meet consumer expectations of convenience, information, and personalized service. Training will show you how to install, integrate, and use these solutions to help you maintain and monitor your store business. Key courses for this solution include:

Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting

  Oracle Retail Demand Forecasting enables you to manage a single forecast to drive profitable planning and operations reflecting customer preferences. Through training, you will learn about traditional forecasting through a variety of forecast methods and how to leverage this solution to help your business align operations across global networks.  The primary course for this solution is:



This is an important announcement regarding SSL version 3 and the RPAS Platform on versions 13.3.1 and higher. For more details please visit Doc ID 2000198.1 in My Oracle Support.


The Oracle Retail Enterprise Version 14 and 14.1 – Guide to Enablement (Doc ID 1666259.1) is your single point of reference for 14.1 enablement material. Within the guide you will find links to general release and solution specific information including Release Value Propositions, the Retail Release Library, White Papers, Transfers of Information (TOIs) and Documentation.  Be sure to bookmark the enablement guide and other material of interest within the My Oracle Support portal for easy access.


Please visit Doc ID 1996158.1 for an important announcement regarding Retail Price Management (RPM) 14.0.2.



Oracle Retail Point of Service Patch 14.0.2 contains a number of bug fixes that were found in version 14.0.1 both externally and internally. Oracle recommends that customers and solution implementers take advantage of the defect fixes and enhancements included in this patch. In particular, if you are currently implementing version 14.0.x, this is a good time to download the latest installers from My Oracle Support.

Please visit Recommended Patches for Oracle Retail Point-of-Service Suite: Version 14.0.x (Doc ID 1662969.1) for links to the 14.0.2 patches and read me files.


If you did not get to attend the Retail Price Management Pricing Strategies Overview Advisor Webcast on January 22, 2015, don't worry!


You can access the session recording and presentation PDF file here.  You will also find the interactive Q&A from the live webcast in the same thread.



This one hour session is recommended for customers or partners who use pricing strategies and worksheets in Retail Price Management (RPM). Pricing strategies allow you to define how prices are proposed when pricing worksheets are generated. This session will help users to obtain an overview of the usage of pricing strategies in the business world, how to create pricing strategies, different types of strategies and the process flow of how a strategy is applied.


Topics Include:

  • Pricing Strategy - Foundation
  • Pricing Strategy Process
  • Classification of Pricing Strategy
  • Overview of Area Differential , Margin, Maintain Margin, Competitive Strategy, Clearance Strategy and Clearance Default


The current Advisor Webcast schedule and archived downloads can be found in Doc ID 740966.1


Register for this Advisor Webcast here.



Are you looking for a central location to locate important and relevant product information?  Visit the Retail Product Information Centers!

Information centers provide a central location for product information.  From Hot Topics and important links to data models, documentation and communities, you can find everything you need regarding your Retail products.  For ease of use, we have created the Retail Suite Information Center Index, Documentation, and Customer Resources (Doc ID 1331603.1) article.   This should be considered your dashboard for all things Retail.  We recommend bookmarking this article as a favorite by clicking the star icon next to the title so you can refer to it often.



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