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Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management 8 releases represent further evolution in Siebel's industry-leading business applications. With Innovation Pack 2014 for Siebel CRM 8, Oracle plans to introduce major enhancements designed to transform your customer-facing sales and service strategies while realizing increased profitability with customer loyalty and marketing functionality.

This planned features document provides a preliminary overview of the primary enhancements for Innovation Pack 2014 for Siebel CRM 8 with several themes guiding the development of this next-generation release:

  • Improved business agility
  • Customer experience improvements with Open UI
  • Industry innovations


Download the's Siebel CRM IP-2014 Statement of Direction document from My Oracle Support, which outlines the planned features for upcoming releases of Siebel CRM 8 including Siebel Innovation Pack 2014.



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