The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support – specifically to help you better support your Oracle products by leveraging My Oracle Support and its related capabilities that are important for your Oracle product path solutions, tools, and knowledge.


My Oracle Support Level 2 Accreditation for Siebel delivers a guided learning path to Oracle Customers to validate and refresh your current working knowledge prior to taking the Accreditation Exam.

The Siebel accreditation path outlines current best practices with an overview of our proactive tools—how to apply them in your environment to prevent issues from occurring, resolve issues if they do occur, find solutions more quickly via My Oracle Support or stay current by upgrading to our latest releases.


Continue to expand your existing knowledge with best practices, product-based use cases, and recommendations from subject-matter experts. Learn more about My Oracle Support Accreditation and explore the latest product tracks here.