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M W Lees-Grossmann-Oracle

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Posted by M W Lees-Grossmann-Oracle Mar 15, 2015

While OpenUI offers many features, some of the familiar actions are no longer available or in mixed systems are only available to HI &/or SI clients. You can read up on this in the OpenUI IP2014 Deployment Guide (1.52 MB PDF). In most cases the controls are moot, no longer relevant.


For example, the 'Applet Location Layout Editor' no longer exits because views are built with HTML & CSS. The Responsive Web Design of  Siebel automatically modifies layouts to accommodate differing devices and screen sizes. The only remaining traces are the Move Up and Move Down buttons which have already been flagged for removal in Bug 20631072.  De minimus curat UIX?

The Deployment Guide PDF lists a number of obsolete methods which have been removed for the OpenUI client and if there’s interest we’ll take a look at more of them. Since the first rule of OpenUI is openness, ActiveX support has been retired. Compatibility requires the ability to run natively, not windowed. Our recommendation is to migrate browser scripting to JavaScript Extensibility since this is supported by all browsers equally and fully and, therefore, predictably & reliably across diverse hardware and software platforms. What more could you ask for in a client?

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