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As part of Siebel Innovation Pack 2015 / Siebel 15, Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of the new Siebel Composer (also sometimes referred to as Siebel Web Tools) in a developer preview mode.  Siebel Composer radically changes how Siebel developers work with and customize their Siebel implementations by eliminating the need for localized .srf files and web templates.  Instead Siebel applications will rely on table based metadata that is loaded into memory at user login.  It also moves to a web based IDE for developers rather than the current Siebel Tools client based approach.  The end result is a much more agile development platform with significantly reduced deployment effort, minimized downtime for users, and an overall improved experience for developers, users, and management.

The developer preview mode supplied in Siebel 15 is NOT intended for production use and has a number of significant limitations.  It is being provided to Siebel developers to allow them to "kick the tires" and begin to get to know the product in preparation for Siebel Composer's general release in an upcoming Innovation Pack.  We would love to hear about your experiences with the product and any ideas you may have for making it the best tool it can be.  Please share your thoughts as comments to this blog entry or post a discussion in Siebel Tools & Scripting - SBL (MOSC)

As a starting point for learning about Siebel Composer, we would suggest you view the "Innovation Pack 2015 TOI:  Siebel Composer Functional Overview."  For instructions on how to access this -- and other -- Transfer of Information presentations, please see our previous blog post Siebel IP2015 -- Check out the TOIs!


Oracle announced the release of Siebel Innovation Pack 2015 (Siebel 15.0) at the beginning of last week.  Community members are encouraged to begin evaluating this release and implementing it as soon as possible.


The Transfer of Information (TOI) video presentations are a great source of initial information.  I would especially suggest the 30 minute TOI by John Bedford entitled "Innovation Pack 2015 TOI: Siebel Release Overview."  This presentation gives a good high level overview of the release and highlights a number of key benefits and enhancements.  To access this and other TOIs, start by going to the "Get Proactive - Oracle Applications TOI (Transfer of Information) Online Training (Doc ID 732026.1)" page on My Oracle Support. 

Select "Siebel" in the Product Line drop down which should open up a new page on Oracle University's iLearning system:

In the Search window, enter "Innovation Pack 2015" (without the quotes) and click on the Go button.  This will bring up a partial list of results:

Click on the "See all 25 results in Self-Paced Topics" to view the entire list of TOI presentations.  John's Siebel Release Overview presentation is towards the bottom of the list.

Please continue to check out the Siebel Support Blog for more information, hints, and advice.  We also welcome and encourage questions, comments, and suggestions about your experiences with IP2015 in the Patch Reviews - SBL (MOSC) community forum.

Get the most out of your support dollars by taking advantage of free training provided by Siebel Support experts. These one-hour live Webcasts include a Q&A session for the audience to ask questions on the product-specific topics.


Siebel has three upcoming Advisor Webcasts scheduled:


Introduction To Siebel TaskUI                                                           Thursday May 21, 2015

Email Communication using TLS /SSL on IP2014                       Wednesday May 27, 2015

Preparing Certificates for SISNAPI Encryption in Siebel           Thursday Jun 18, 2015


Register here for one or ALL of these upcoming Webcasts today!


Each Webcast is recorded to provide you with the ability to access the content on-demand -- when it's convenient for you OR so you can share it with your team.   If you missed one of our previous Advisor Webcasts, you can view and/or download the Webcast to view at your convenience.    For each completed Advisor Webcast, you will find on the Archived tab: a recording of the Webcast, PDF of the presentation and a link to the My Oracle Support Community thread that contains the Questions & Answers from the session and any session follow-up.


Post your feedback or questions on the community thread, too! We'd love to hear your suggestions and topic ideas about our Advisor Webcasts.






Because software and hardware are constantly evolving, your software lifecycle will include an upgrade phase. You may need to upgrade your software because of necessary hardware upgrades. You may want to reap the rewards of the updated release’s new functional and technical enhancements - to increase efficiency and effectiveness for your business or enhance the user experience and productivity. Or, your decision to upgrade may be to align with support timelines – to assure you are on a Premiere support release (Lifetime Support Policy PDF). Often, the upgrade project is driven by mix of many factors.  Whatever your reasons for upgrading, you will want to reduce the costs and the risks associated with the upgrade. Being proactive can help you be prepared and minimize your business downtime and the risks of upgrading your system.


KM document “Moving on UP! Proactive Upgrades for Current ERP Systems: Oracle Applications Unlimited (1983566.1) provides information about the Upgrade and Migration Lifecycle Advisors as well as other product-specific upgrade resources available to assist you in maintaining a current and up-to-date ERP system.



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