As part of Siebel Innovation Pack 2015 / Siebel 15, Oracle is pleased to announce the availability of the new Siebel Composer (also sometimes referred to as Siebel Web Tools) in a developer preview mode.  Siebel Composer radically changes how Siebel developers work with and customize their Siebel implementations by eliminating the need for localized .srf files and web templates.  Instead Siebel applications will rely on table based metadata that is loaded into memory at user login.  It also moves to a web based IDE for developers rather than the current Siebel Tools client based approach.  The end result is a much more agile development platform with significantly reduced deployment effort, minimized downtime for users, and an overall improved experience for developers, users, and management.

The developer preview mode supplied in Siebel 15 is NOT intended for production use and has a number of significant limitations.  It is being provided to Siebel developers to allow them to "kick the tires" and begin to get to know the product in preparation for Siebel Composer's general release in an upcoming Innovation Pack.  We would love to hear about your experiences with the product and any ideas you may have for making it the best tool it can be.  Please share your thoughts as comments to this blog entry or post a discussion in Siebel Tools & Scripting - SBL (MOSC)

As a starting point for learning about Siebel Composer, we would suggest you view the "Innovation Pack 2015 TOI:  Siebel Composer Functional Overview."  For instructions on how to access this -- and other -- Transfer of Information presentations, please see our previous blog post Siebel IP2015 -- Check out the TOIs!