Among the many enhancements to the Siebel product in Innovation Pack 2015 (Siebel 15) is the introduction of a new jQuery based charting solution to phase out and eventually replace the existing NetCharts integration.  The implementation  is somewhat limited at the moment, but provides a strong framework to build upon in upcoming releases.


Key Strengths


  • Charting solution is based on industry standard jQuery framework.
  • Platform independent.
  • Easily customized in the browser.
  • Allows for the use of other jQuery libraries.


Current Limitations


  • Only supports 2D and 3D bar charts currently.  Other types of charts will be supported in the future but for now they will still be generated through NetCharts.
  • OpenUI framework only.


For more information, please see both the functional and technical Transfer of Information (TOI) presentations.  For instructions on how to access these TOIs, please refer to my earlier blog post Siebel IP2015 -- Check out the TOIs!