When an issue arises in a Siebel implementation, we all have the same goal -- to get the issue resolved as quickly as possible.  If you have gone through the My Oracle Support Accreditation Process, you know that one of the items that is covered is creating a well formed and complete service request.  A key part of that is making sure that the correct files and other supporting information is provided as soon as possible (preferably at the beginning) of the service request process.  As an Oracle support engineer, I can say without hesitation that failure to share the correct information is probably the biggest preventable delay in resolving service requests.  So the question becomes what information is needed to successfully start work on a service request?


The answer to that question depends on the specific issue you are facing.  Siebel is a vast product with a large number of integrations and functionalities.  The specific files and information required to resolve one type of issue may be very different than those required to resolve a different issue.  So what is the solution?  Enter "Service Request Data Collection" documents or SRDCs.


SRDCs are a special type of knowledge document in My Oracle Support that outlines the specific files and other information that a Siebel support engineer needs to begin EFFICIENTLY working on your issue.  SRDCs are available in a number of areas at this time and we are constantly adding new ones.  These special documents are created by experienced support engineers in their areas and reviewed by recognized subject matter experts within the Siebel Support organization.  For example, if you are experiencing a crash situation on a Windows server, you would probably want to take a look at DocID 1630675.1 -- "SRDC - What data does Oracle Support need to troubleshoot a Siebel Application crash on Windows?".  


SRDCs can come up in several different ways:


  1. You can do a search on the keywords SRDC Siebel to find all available SRDCs.
  2. During your service request creation process you may be guided to an SRDC.
  3. The support engineer assigned to your service request may refer you to an SRDC.


As always we appreciate your feedback and comments on any knowledge document and that includes SRDCs.  You may use the links provided on the actual SRDC or start a thread within the appropriate Siebel My Oracle Support Community.