By Biljana Savic, Oracle Proactive Support


We are pleased to announce that our first automated verifier – Siebel Diagnostic Assistant for Installation -- is now available for customer use.


The utility can be downloaded from the following document:  Siebel Diagnostic Assistant (SDA) for Installation (Doc ID 2054907.2).



What does SDA include?

Version 1 of the SDA tool includes OUI (Oracle Universal Installer) checks for pre-install and post-install tasks.  We plan to extend this to additional areas in the coming months.


The pre-install checks are run on the environment where Siebel is/will be installed and checks Operating System version, JRE version and JRE bit version.


The post-install checks will review your installation related log files (oraInstall*.err, ActionsInstall*.log, opatch*.log, *cfg*.log, NameSrvr.log) and identify potential problems along with suggested actions.  These findings are based on the top installation related issues reported by customers.


How does it work?

Installing the Siebel Diagnostic Assistant is easy.  You simply have to download the utility and unzip it on the machine to be checked.


SDA offers 2 execution methods:


  • Menu-driven command line interface
  • Web User Interface


Going between menu options is intuitive and all that is required from user is the location of the relevant log files.  The utility checks all the logs provided, identifies potential issues, and suggests appropriate actions for each error found.


For example, if the SDA tool finds OUI-10091 error, it will tell you that this error may be encountered on hosts that do not include an existing Gateway Server installation. It will then refer you to read Note:1503261.1 for more information and steps to remedy the problem.


Who should use it?

If you are you installing a new Siebel server or applying a patchset to an existing Siebel environment, this is a tool for you!

For more information about the Siebel Diagnostic Assistant please refer to the Siebel Diagnostic Assistant (SDA) for Installation (Doc ID 2054907.2) article on My Oracle Support.