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Register now!  Siebel has a webcast 'Siebel Email Marketing Server Installation' scheduled in January!    The details on this webcast are listed below - don't miss out on the live Webcast by registering now!
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ADVISOR WEBCAST: Siebel Email Marketing Server Installation




  • Wednesday, January 14, 2015 08:00 AM (US Pacific Time)
  • Wednesday, January 14, 2015 11:00 AM (US Eastern Time)
  • Wednesday, January 14, 2015 05:00 PM (Central European Time)
  • Wednesday, January 14, 2015 09:30 PM (India Standard Time)



This one-hour advisor webcast is recommended for technical users and system administrators who are planning to install Siebel Email Marketing Server module or manage the Siebel Email Marketing Server module.


Topics Include:

  • Email Marketing Server Components
  • Planning the Installation
  • Where to get the software
  • Executing the installer
  • Configuring the installation
  • Test the installation
  • Tips & Know issues

Duration: 1 hr

Current Schedule and Archived Downloads can be found in <<Note 740966.1>>

WebEx Conference Details

Topic: Siebel Email Marketing Server Installation
Event number: 592 747 222


Register for this Advisor Webcast:


Once the host approves your request, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions for joining the meeting.

InterCall Audio Instructions

A list of Toll-Free Numbers can be found below.

  • Participant US/Canada Dial-in #: +1-855-296-0558    
  • International Toll-Free Numbers
  • Alternate International Dial-In #: +1-765-889-6767
  • Conference ID: 39423410




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We are pleased to announce that Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 is Generally Available and can be downloaded from Oracle e Delivery.   


Enabling customers to maximize their investment in Oracle’s Siebel CRM applications, hundreds of new features, functions, and enhancements are provided with Siebel CRM IP2014.


Siebel CRM IP2014 delivers a new intuitive user experience specially developed for mobile responsive devices; new mobile applications and framework and expanded product functionality while increasing business agility and lowering total cost of ownership for customers. 


Siebel CRM IP2014 expands industry capabilities with new applications and functionality for Public Sector, Communications, Financial Services and Life Sciences among others.


This release provides customers with a complete Customer Experience (CX) solution with additional integrations to Oracle CX portfolio products such as Oracle Policy Automation, Oracle Real Time Decisions and Oracle Knowledge Management as well being able to leverage the extreme performance capabilities of the Oracle 12c In-Memory database.


For more information on the Innovation Pack please refer to the Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 Announcement Document.



For additional information see:


Important! Please review alert:

Doc ID 1949422.1

Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 (Doc ID 1946549.1

What are the Fix Packs and related Patch number available for my Siebel Application? (Doc ID 975515.1)

Siebel Patchset Installation Guides for Siebel CRM / IP2013 and Siebel CRM / IP2014 (Doc ID 1614310.1

Siebel Platform Support - Statement of Direction - Siebel CRM Innovation Pack 2014 (Doc ID 1664169.1)  



Have you ever read a Siebel knowledge article about an issue and wondered if the issue has been resolved? If so, make your self comfortable and keep reading!


As the Knowledge Champion for the Oracle CRM Line of Business, I have some good news to share. There have been some recent new features in My Oracle Support that can help you with tracking Siebel bugs and finding fixes for issues. First, let's talk about adding bugs to your favorites.


Bug Favorites

When you are viewing a bug that you want to track, the first step is to add the bug to your favorites. Bug Favorites are similar to document favorites. Click the star icon near the bug title to add it to your favorites.

A favorite bug:favorite bug.jpgNot a favorite bug:not a favorite bug.jpg

You can use the Bug Tracker in the MOS Dashboard to track the progress of bugs that you have added to favorites. If the bug tracker is not visible, you can enable it by editing your Settings on the dashboard.

The Bug Tracker lists all of your favorite bugs, indicates when they have last been updated and also highlights the ones which have a code fix (status 90). An example of this is shown below.

bug tracker siebel.jpg


Knowledge, Patches and Bugs Related to This Bug

When you view a bug in MOS, there is also a link to view the Knowledge, Patches and Bugs related to this bug. This will show you the Bug Matrix for the bug which includes three parts:

  1. Knowledge Related to This Bug
  2. Bugs Related to This Bug
  3. Patches Related to This Bug

Knowledge Related to This Bug


The information in the Knowledge Related to This Bug section of the bug matrix will show you the documents for the bug which was selected. As a result, you may need to drill down on each of the bugs of interest and view each of the bug matrices to see what documents may be available. This functionality may be improved in a future MOS release. Use the Knowledge section to view documents about the issue to see if there are any known workarounds for the issue. There are some case where running a MOS search for the bug will find additional documents, so please consider doing a simple search for the bug in MOS as an additional best practice.


Bugs Related to This Bug


We sometimes refer to this as the bug tree. In this section you will see all of the bugs which have been logged for the issue which are set to customer visibility. Please note that the version information shown in the Bug Matrix table may not always be very useful (some records may indicate "1.0") but you can look for the bugs with status 90 as these are the ones where there has been a code fix. You will need to drill down on each bug of interest to determine exactly what version the bug code fix is for. This functionality may be improved in a future MOS release, but having this information can be very useful if you do a little digging. A list of the bug statuses are here:

Patches Related to This Bug


The information in the Patches Related to This Bug section of the bug matrix will show you the patches for the bug which was selected. As a result, you will need to drill down on each status 90 bug to see what patches are available or drill down in the bug tree to find these details. This functionality may be improved in a future MOS release; I never get tired of saying that .

Some Details on the patches that are / are not listed here:

  • For versions above, the patches for the bug are listed in the Patches section.
  • Note that major releases (like are not currently shown in the Patches section.
  • Patchsets like and should show up in the patches section.
    Be aware that on and the older patchsets will likely be password protected and not be available. But if you can confirm that the issue is fixed in an older patchset for the same version it will be in the current highest patchset for that same version due to the cumulative nature of these patchsets.


I believe that you will find these new features will in some cases allow you to answer the age old question of "has this issue been fixed yet" without having to log a service request or post in communities.


You can use these features to add additional open bugs from the bug matrix to your favorites to stay informed about the issues that you need to track.


Please check out the Bug Matrix and add some issues to your Bug Favorites and track them with the Bug Tracker. Let us know if you find these features useful.

The main document which lists the current fix packs for 8.1/8.2 Doc ID 975515.1 has a section which also explains how to track bugs.



This short video on Blog Notifications will walk you through:


  • Finding Support Blog located with My Oracle Support Community content using Google
  • Locating Support Blogs in My Oracle Support Community
  • Create an Activity stream to follow the Blog
  • Update your Preferences on how you want to receive updates about the new activity stream





The My Oracle Support Accreditation Series delivers a targeted learning experience designed to increase your expertise with My Oracle Support – specifically to help you better support your Oracle products by leveraging My Oracle Support and its related capabilities that are important for your Oracle product path solutions, tools, and knowledge.


My Oracle Support Level 2 Accreditation for Siebel delivers a guided learning path to Oracle Customers to validate and refresh your current working knowledge prior to taking the Accreditation Exam.

The Siebel accreditation path outlines current best practices with an overview of our proactive tools—how to apply them in your environment to prevent issues from occurring, resolve issues if they do occur, find solutions more quickly via My Oracle Support or stay current by upgrading to our latest releases.


Continue to expand your existing knowledge with best practices, product-based use cases, and recommendations from subject-matter experts. Learn more about My Oracle Support Accreditation and explore the latest product tracks here.

Oracle's Siebel Customer Relationship Management 8 releases represent further evolution in Siebel's industry-leading business applications. With Innovation Pack 2014 for Siebel CRM 8, Oracle plans to introduce major enhancements designed to transform your customer-facing sales and service strategies while realizing increased profitability with customer loyalty and marketing functionality.

This planned features document provides a preliminary overview of the primary enhancements for Innovation Pack 2014 for Siebel CRM 8 with several themes guiding the development of this next-generation release:

  • Improved business agility
  • Customer experience improvements with Open UI
  • Industry innovations


Download the's Siebel CRM IP-2014 Statement of Direction document from My Oracle Support, which outlines the planned features for upcoming releases of Siebel CRM 8 including Siebel Innovation Pack 2014.



Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.