Notification Reminder:  Taleo Transition to SHA-2

Oracle plans to support SHA-2 in TEE 15A.8 and above and Sourcing 15A.5 and above.  All customers will be moved to TEE 15A.8 or higher and Sourcing 15A.5 or higher (for those who utilize Sourcing) during 2016 in order to support SHA-2.  Related Cloud services such as Reporting, Scheduling Center, Assessment, and Passport Partner solutions will also be transitioned to SHA-2.  After all Taleo services are on SHA-2 compatible releases, they will be switched to IP servers that utilize SHA-2 certificates rather than SHA-1, at which point Taleo Enterprise will be using SHA-2 authentication.  Please note that customers were notified via GCN-00195 sent February 5, 2016.


Take Action

Please navigate to the Customer Connect “Taleo Transition to SHA-2” here for next steps details, timeline and common questions.

If you have questions regarding TEE SHA-2 transition you may log a Service Request via My Oracle Support.