Oracle is ending support for hiring on HCM Cloud Mobile (TAP) and Simplified Hiring Manager Experience (aka Hiring). Customers should migrate users to the modern and mobile ready Fluid Recruiting for hiring activities.


What is happening?

As of June 30, 2018, Oracle will be ending support for mobile hiring capabilities that are available through the HCM Cloud Mobile application on iOS and Android devices, as well as the Simplified Hiring Manager Experience, accessed through the Hiring icon in HCM Cloud.


Customers should plan to migrate to the hiring capabilities that are mobile-ready and now available (and will continue to be enhanced going forward) through Fluid Recruiting.


What is the impact?

This announcement impacts customers (stand alone and full suite customers) using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC - aka TEE) and are using mobile hiring capabilities through the iOS or Android HCM Cloud Mobile application (aka Tap) and customers using the Simplified Hiring Manager Experience (Hiring) through HCM Cloud.


On June 30, 2018, users of the HCM Cloud Mobile application on native iOS and Android applications and the Simplified Hiring Manager Experience (Hiring) through HCM Cloud, will no longer be able to perform hiring activities through these channels.


What are the options for customers who want to conduct mobile hiring activities?

Oracle is investing in a modern and mobile ready recruiting experience in OTAC (aka TEE), Fluid Recruiting.  The latest set of capabilities for Fluid Recruiting is available in the 17.2 quarterly update of OTAC (aka TEE).


Fluid Recruiting will enable customers to conduct key hiring activities on both mobile (e.g. tablets, phones) and desktop devices.


Customers who wish to provide their users with a mobile hiring experience should use Fluid Recruiting.  Customers can learn more about the latest set of capabilities available in Fluid Recruiting by clicking here.


What action should customers take?

Customers should start evaluating and adopting the modern and mobile ready Fluid Recruiting experience at the earliest possible opportunity.


Customers should prioritize transitioning users of the Mobile HCM and Simplified Hiring Manager Experience applications to Fluid Recruiting.  This will ensure these users are able to continue performing hiring tasks through mobile devices, without disruption.


To leverage the latest capabilities in Fluid Recruiting, customers should request to upgrade their OTAC zones to release 17 by logging a Service Request via My Oracle Support , and follow the Fluid Recruiting adoption guidelines here.