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If you are looking for a blog post that no longer appears in this blog, more than likely it was moved to the new Taleo Support Blog - Archived page.


You can access the archive page by using the below options:


  • Select the link provided in this blog posting
  • Select the link located under the General section on the right side of your window titled See the Taleo Support Blog - Archived space
  • Select the Subspaces link located under the Taleo Support Blog banner and then select Taleo Support Blog - Archived

MyOracleSupport_Welcome_NoVideo.jpgDid you know that My Oracle Support (MOS) was upgraded in October? Well it was. Did you know there are release notes on the newest version of MOS? Well there are.


If you would like to know what is currently available in this newest version of MOS, please select this link.


**Please note that some links may require you to log in using your MOS credentials in order to access the content.

Picture1.jpgWhat should I do if I want to know more about using My Oracle Support (MOS)? Are there any How-to's?


There are many resources available to you on how to use MOS and some come in the form of How To videos.


This link will bring you to the My Oracle Support "How-to"content page that will show you videos on MOS Basics, Personalization, Service Requests, CUA, Cloud Portal and Support Tools & Processes. Select the tab that interests you and view the short consumable videos on how to use and navigate MOS.



**Please note that some links may require you to log in using your MOS credentials in order to access the content.

O_TaleoCloudService_clr.gifIf you have ever wondered what Oracle's technical support policies are then you have come to the right place.


Select this link and you will be brought to a page that provides all of Oracle's technical support policies. If you are interested in the one specifically for Taleo, please select this link.

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