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Oracle Cloud Logo.pngReminder: TCB will have the certificate updated without changing the TCB version.  Therefore, no impact is expected for TCB scripts and no action is required for TCB customers.

Exclamation Triangle.pngReminder:  Taleo Transition to SHA-2

Oracle Taleo is deprecating the use of the SHA-1 hashing function. As part of this project, the Oracle Taleo zone certificate will be upgraded to SHA-2, replacing the current SHA-1 certificate. Accordingly, the TCC client must be updated to utilize a SHA-2 certificate.

Take Action:

The SHA-2 compatible TCC version has been released. It is available for download from Oracle e-Delivery site. Customers must download and install no later than September 30, 2016. We have created a guide for customers who are using Taleo Connect Client (TCC) to integrate with their instance of Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition Cloud Service. Please navigate to the Customer Connect “Taleo Transition to SHA-2” here for the guide with TCC migration requirement and next steps.

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