MyOracleSupport_Welcome_NoVideo.jpgWhile Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) has been utilizing Guided Resolution flows since late last year, we implemented these flows for Taleo Business Edition (TBE) and Taleo Learn in February. The flows are designed to guide customers to a technical resolution for known issues by using fact-driven logic based on your specific situation and/or configurations.

Taleo Learn - 13 flows that cover LC Course, LC User, LC Appearance, Vanity URL and My Team DO.

TBE - 14 flows that cover Candidate, Recruit Customize, Performance Issue, Backup, Outlook Plug-in, Requisition and Reporting.

TEE - 68 flows that cover Career Section, Recruiting, Onboarding, Reporting Business Objects and Taleo Connect Client.

At this time this functionality is only available through the MOS Portal, it will be added to the Cloud Support Portal at a later date.

The flows are triggered by selecting a specific problem type. Below is an example of what appears to you our customers when you create an SR and select one of the corresponding issues.

SR Issue Type.png