This is a formal feature decommissioning alert for certain LinkedIn integrations within Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing due to LinkedIn’s recently announced changes to their developer programs and access to LinkedIn APIs. For reference find the LinkedIn announcement here: https://developer.linkedin.com/blog/posts/2015/developer-program-changes.


Customer Impact


Changes that impact Oracle Taleo Social Sourcing are limited to two features, which will be removed from the product:

1) The ability to search for matching connections based on job titles and to send a personal message via LinkedIn

Sales Director.jpg

2) Recommended connections in the promo banner for a logged in employee


John you know.png


For now, the following LinkedIn features will stay.

1)  Employees can sign In with LinkedIn


2) Referrers can post a job as a status update to LinkedIn (along with Facebook and Twitter)


There is NO IMPACT to the LinkedIn features in Taleo Recruiting – candidates can still upload their profile when applying and those with LinkedIn Recruiter licenses can still view profiles in LinkedIn directly from Recruiting Center. Oracle continues to be a LinkedIn partner in its Talent Solutions Partner Program:  https://business.linkedin.com/talent-solutions/partners



Changes to the LinkedIn APIs will go into effect May 12, 2015. Oracle will be removing the features from Social Sourcing via the following maintenance packs:

1) 14A.10 – This will be available:  April 15th, 2015

2) 14B.5.1 – This will be available: April 20th, 2015


Users on earlier versions of Social Sourcing will likely notice unpredictable or erratic behavior if they try to use the two decommissioned features post May 12,2015.


Next Steps

  • Announce upcoming changes to your organization and cease using capabilities targeted for removal
  • Plan for an MP upgrade on Social Sourcing before LinkedIn makes their API changes public on May 12, 2015.

Additional Questions


Please contact Oracle Support or your Oracle Client Executive / Customer Success Manager for assistance on any questions.