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The feature release 16A was deployed to all customers on March 18, 2016. This was a major release that included new features and enhancements. The new features include the My Tasks Widget and Recurring Learning Plans. Enhancements have been added to the Bulk Loader and BI Reporting functionality. Specifically, the Bulk Loader has been improved to support historical data loads, and BI Reporting now has a security feature that requires users to authenticate when using the email link to access a published report. Customers have the option to disable this feature via a Registry Key. See the Knowledge Management Document 2118272.1 for more information. The 16A release also brings further enhancements to the LearnCenter Design editor, the Transcript Widget and BI Reporting.


For complete details, review the document Oracle Learn Cloud Release 16A (Doc ID 2118805.1)


The next release will be 16A.1, scheduled for April 22nd. This will be a maintenance release which will address issues with the LearnCenter that have been reported by customers. Release notes are not available for maintenance releases. Customers who have issues resolved by this release will be requested to retest and validate the resolution through their Service Requests in My Oracle Support.

210px-Blank_Calendar_page_icon.svg.pngThe maintenance release 15C.2, was deployed February 19, 2016.

The Oracle Learn Release schedule for the year has been updated, and can be viewed in the Knowledge Management document. This will include the release of version 16A to all production sites on Friday, March 18, 2016 during the normal maintenance hours. You can view an overview of what is new in 16A on the Human Capital Release Readiness page.

Release Notes are expected to be available 2 weeks prior to the release and will be posed on the Release Updates section of Customer Connect. There is a live overview event on March 8th for those who wish to attend.

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