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Knowledge Exchange Merging with Customer Connect

By now you have probably heard that the Knowledge Exchange community is migrating to the Oracle Applications Customer Connect community. You can log into Customer Connect using your Oracle Single Sign-on credentials. The Knowledge Exchange will remain in read-only format until March 2, 2015.

Once you have logged into Customer Connect, go to the Human Capital Management landing page. The TBE forums can be found in the right column where you see Talent Management for Midsize:

TBE Customer Connect.png

You may subscribe to one or more of these forums. We hope to hear from you soon!

TBE Product Management


Due to our latest migration from Knowledge Exchange to Customer Connect, Taleo Support Centers needed to have a new tab to redirect customer to our Social Media pages.

This new Communities tab contains:

  • Links to our communities: Customer Connect and Knowledge Exchange
  • Information about Knowledge Exchange Migration
  • Access to our Taleo External Blog


These revamped Support Centers are currently available for our customers:



If you would like to know more about what is available in the current release of My Oracle Support (MOS) please select one of the links provided below:



Google is replacing their existing “Sign in with Google” capability with “Sign in with Google+”.  Google requires vendors, such as Oracle, to replace the existing “Sign in with Google” authentication method with the newer “Sign in with Google+” authentication method to avoid user disruption. 

As of April 20, 2015, Google will no longer support its “Sign in with Google” authentication method.

Customer Impact

All customers that currently allow candidates to log into career sites using their Google credentials are impacted by Google’s deprecation of the “Sign in with Google” capability. 


Customers currently allowing candidates to sign in using Google credentials

Candidates using their Google credentials to log into customer career sites will lose the ability to access their accounts unless customers that are currently leveraging the “Sign in with Google” capability, upgrade to Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition 14B (or higher) and undergo the appropriate steps to enable and configure “Sign in with Google+” prior to Google’s deprecation of the “Sign in with Google” feature on April 20th, 2015.


Customers wishing to allow candidates to sign in using Google credentials in the future

Customers that have never enabled candidates to sign in to career sites using their Google credentials, but would like to do so, must upgrade to TEE 14B (or higher) and undergo the appropriate steps to enable and configure “Sign in with Google+”.


Action Required: It is highly recommended that customers that currently allow candidates to log into career sites using Google credentials upgrade to Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition 14B (or higher) and enable the “Sign in with Google+” capability.

We continue to evaluate the option of back porting the “Sign in with Google+” capability to a 14A maintenance pack, and will provide an update in February 2015, if this becomes an option.

Critical Dates

14B Maintenance Pack 3 – Target General Availability:  January 14th, 2015

Sign in with Google deprecationApril 20th 2015


Note: If you currently use the “Sign in with Google” capability and are unable to complete the upgrade to Oracle Taleo Enterprise Edition 14B (or higher) and enable the new “Sign in with Google+” capability by April 20th, 2015, it is advised that you provide a message on the Career Section Sign in section to instruct candidates to recover their password, using the “Forgot your password” function.  Candidates should be instructed to use their Google email as their Career Section user name and email address during password recovery process.


Additional instructions on configuring and enabling the new “Sign in with Google+” capability to follow along with 14B GA release documentation.

Jan 14.gifWe are announcing the target date of general availability for the 14B release of the Oracle Taleo Enterprise Cloud Service is on January 14, 2015.  With 14B, Oracle reinforces its leadership in talent management cloud, delivering a new premium candidate experience, expanded mobile capabilities, reporting and integration enhancements guided by the principles of Modern HR.  Release content, tutorials, and webinars are also available in Knowledge Exchange Enterprise Release Info page.  Please contact your Client Success Representative or My Oracle Support to upgrade.


For more information, refer to the following page in Knowledge Exchanges:


Oracle Taleo 14B General Availability Announcement Page:

January 16.jpg

The Oracle Learn 14C.2 release is scheduled to be deployed Friday, January 16, 2015, to all Wave 1 and Wave 2 customer and staging zones.  This is a maintenance package that will include defect resolutions.


Learn 14C.2 Maintenance Pack release notes will be published in Knowledge Exchange with more detailed information as the release date approaches.

8aea33e9ee186b44a0572184852aff3693b42382.jpgOracle plans to launch Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence Enterprise for Human Capital Management Cloud Service (OTBI Enterprise) in the spring of 2015.  This next generation best-in-class HR analytics product provides HR managers and business leaders a holistic and strategic view into key workforce trends.  With data integrated from Oracle HCM clouds and external systems, HR and business leaders can gain better visibility into staffing level, forecast headcount demand through employee skill and turnover analysis and better measure hire quality by correlating candidate sourcing with hire performance and retention.


OTBI Enterprise will be the next-generation analytical data warehouse in-the-cloud offering for Taleo customers.  Taleo Analytics will be discontinued by end of 2015.  Starting this Spring existing Taleo Analytics customers may request activation of OTBI Enterprise in their environment. Taleo Analytics subscriptions lasting beyond 31-Dec-2015 will be honored with OTBI Enterprise at the original contracted price.  Renewing customers may license Taleo Analytics through 31-Dec-2015 and are then eligible to license OTBI Enterprise at a discounted price for the remainder of the first renewable contract term.  Contact your Client Executive or Sales Manager for more information.

ic-MagnifyingGlass-red.gifWhen acquired by Oracle,  Taleo Enterprise Edition (TEE) implemented products and  service types that customers select during their service request (SR) creation.  Conscious of the extended list  for TEE, a service type review was necessary to facilitate the customer selection, attach new guided resolutions and give us the ability to analyze product issues.  Customers will therefore see new/updated choices when selecting their product during SR creation,  Note that to take advantage of these rectified lists, your Product selection needs to have a “Cloud Service” suffix in the description.

index.pngCustomers can see the latest Outstanding Issues by clicking the Defects link on our Taleo Enterprise Edition Support Center. Customer can also see Fixed Defects of a specific release by looking at the Release Notes (Doc ID 1496352.1). To know which defects were fixed for a version, a procedure can be followed on our Defect page. For a summary of all defects that were fixed for a release, customers should refer to the Incidents Resolved History documents, accessed from the same Doc ID above.


**Please note that some links may require you to log in using your MOS credentials in order to access the content.

Oracle Cloud Logo.pngOracle enhanced My Oracle Support to provide you with new Guided Resolution features in July 2014.  This is helping to streamline the process for solving common Cloud issues.

Taleo Enterprise Edition recently implemented 68 Guided Resolution flows over 6 products (Recruiting, Transition (Onboarding), Career Section, Taleo Connect Client, Performance Management and Reporting for Business Objects). They are tied to new Service Types (Problem Types) in the Service Request creation process.


These flows are designed to guide customers to a technical resolution for known issues by using fact-driven logic based on your specific situation and/or configurations. This feature is designed to record customer feedback so that an Oracle Support Engineer can leverage customer insight to help characterize, diagnose and resolve their issue.

Welcome to the My Oracle Support Community! We highly encourage you to personalize your community display name to make your activity more memorable. Please see for instructions.