Hello Topliners!


I have some very exciting news to share with you! On August 1st 2016, Oracle Technology Network will be upgraded to deliver a modern community experience across all communities including Topliners. The enhancements are focused on ensuring customers can have better access to content that matters to them and are able to connect to people who inspire them. We will be hosting a briefing session in a couple of weeks to walk through the details with you. Let us know if you have any questions and take a look at the info below. Modern Marketing is often stressful, so we created this fun exercise to help break up your day and to help you keep on top of the new features!



Adrian Chang-Oracle





1. The editor toolbar is now sticky

the editor toolbar now "sticks" when you create long, multi-paragraph content!

2. Your View

You now have a personal homepage that you can customize using Tiles. To access Your View, click on your Inbox and then "Your View" in the left column.


3. Spotlight Search

When you search, you will find an improved presentation of search results and improved search logic; the system now automatically searches by keywords and wildcards


Note that you can now control which communities are included in your searches! You can limit your search to just Topliners! This is new behavior!

4. Ability to search within a space or subspace in the Search Pane

You can now search not just a space, but its subspaces as well -- either its child spaces (one level down) or all subspaces (all the way down the hierarchy). This request came from the community: Restrict search results by more than 1 forum


5. Points and reputation information now appears near global header

You can click on your points to see your current level, and points to get to the next level

Points and Reputation.jpg

6. Follow a Tag

You now have the ability to follow people, places and tags in any custom stream. To access this feature, go to News and create or edit a custom stream. You can get emails when posts with new tags have been created!


7. Helpful button has moved

You can now mark an answer as Helpful with one click -- the Helpful button has moved to the bottom right of all question responses.


8. Your Content and Your Places

Direct links to Your Content and Your Places have been added in the drop-down under your display name. Your Content shows you all the content you've created; Your Places shows you a view of all the Places you follow.

Content and Places.jpg

9. Breadcrumb has changed

The text breadcrumb has been replaced with a drop-down breadcrumb


10. Activity is now News

The Activity page has been replaced with a News page. This is where you can create and manage custom streams and start following tags. More relevant news and trending content will appear over time on this page!


11. I have the same question

You can indicate that you have the same question and follow the thread and the responses. You can also un-mark this with "I don't have this question anymore"

I have the same question.jpg