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Name: Kelvin Gee


What Is Your Day Job?
I am the Sr. Director of Modern Marketing Business Transformation at Oracle where I am responsible for Modern Marketing evangelism, strategy, consulting, marketing enablement and training. I help Oracle marketers adopt digital and modern marketing best practices, which includes digital and content marketing, and account-based strategy.


History with the Oracle Marketing Cloud?

As the “Hair Club for Men” analogy goes, I am not only the Topliners community manager, but am an Oracle Marketing Cloud client (twice over).


I brought in Eloqua when I was at Pillar Data Systems, a network storage startup that was founded by Larry Ellison. I was the Eloqua system administrator, power user, and champion. When Pillar was acquired by Oracle in 2011, I was an advocate for the internal use of Eloqua, which led to the purchase of the company in 2012...and the subsequent formation of the Oracle Marketing Cloud.


At Oracle, we are proud to “drink our own champagne” and be our own customer. Our 2,000 marketers around the world depend on Eloqua to automate our marketing campaigns; our web team just recently started testing and optimizing using Maxymiser, but is seeing great results already; our entire blog platform is now powered by Oracle Content Marketing; our social teams use Oracle Social Relationship Management to manage their channels and followers; and our advertising and marketing operations teams rely on BlueKai to power Oracle’s programmatic advertising.



I love to travel and experience new things. I also got a new Specialized road bike for my birthday last year, so I enjoy taking it out.


Where Did You Grow Up?

Foster City, California – a sleepy suburb on the peninsula in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's one exit from Oracle HQ.


Book on Your Nightstand?
I have a junior in high school, so right now I’m reading Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be. I highly recommend it for parents who have a lot of fear and anxiety about the whole college application process.


If You Were to Wear a Hoodie, What Would Be on It?

Either the San Francisco 49ers or Golden State Warriors. I've been a Faithful since the 6th grade, and a closet Warriors fan for a long time until recently. Now I wear their colors proudly.


What Did You Want to Be as a Child?
A doctor, but somehow, I became a marketer. Close enough ; )


First Job?
Subscription assistant at Macworld magazine, where I learned the ins and outs of direct mail and A/B testing and consumer marketing.


Secret Talent?
Graphic design. As a marketer, it is a skill that has saved my bacon a number of times.


Who Plays You in a Movie?
Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why (Netflix).


What Would Surprise People to Know About You?
I teach a popular course at Oracle on Visual Storytelling with PowerPoint. It’s a blessing and a curse though. I look at everyone’s slides in a critical way ; )


Favorite Animal:
I have an inexplicable “thing” for golden retrievers.


Why Topliners?

As a former (and current) customer, I’ve always admired how passionate and vibrant the Topliners community has been. As modern marketers, we always try to push the envelope of the various platforms, use the products in new and creative ways, and learn from each other. I look forward to engaging with our customers, learning from them, and helping them on their modern marketing journey.


What Do You Like About Topliners?

The sense of community and generosity people have shown. The modern marketing community is like an extended family. It always feels like we are "in it" together. As a former client, I was always grateful for the support I received from other Eloqua clients, and I hope to return the favor now.


Where Can People Find You?

Will you be joining me at Modern Customer Experience 2018 (ModernCX)?  In case we haven’t met, I’m Sarah Gaade and I’ve been at Eloqua (and now Oracle) for close to 7 years. In my current role on the digital marketing team, I manage a team of Eloqua users.  This will be my fourth year attending the ModernCX conference, and here are 5 things I’m looking forward to the most at this year’s event:


1.     Learning from other Marketers:

As marketers, we are always on the lookout for creative and faster way of achieving results. 10 Oracle Eloqua Hacks for the Modern Marketing Wizard [BRK1105] is a must attend session for all Eloqua users. I love being in the same room with likeminded marketers who are willing to share their Eloqua tips and tricks.  Arrive early for this session. It is a very popular one!


My role at Oracle involves the development of nurtures, including how the campaign canvas will flow.  I am always interested to see how others in a similar role are tackling this challenge of multiple personas, industries and funnel stages head on. Build a Highly Scalable, Dynamic Nurture Engine: A Hands-On Eloqua Session [BRK1133]


2.     Staying ahead of the marketing trends:

Marketing is evolving faster now than it ever has in the past. With constant innovation, it is an exciting time to be a Marketer, but also challenging. ModernCX offers an excellent opportunity to learn from thought leaders and from our product development team on the latest and greatest. For example, An Introduction to Oracle Infinity: The Next-Gen Digital Analytics Solution [BRK1375] is a must attend on my list so that I can learn how to gain additional insight into our analytics.


3.     Catching up with our partners at the exhibit experience

Over the years, I have learned that casual conversations at our partner booths really pays off. This is where I learn about the latest and greatest in our partner eco-system, as well as what challenges our partners are trying to solve.


4.     It’s Cross-Channel time!

Although I’m a B2B marketer, I think it’s beneficial to learn from my B2C counterparts in how they’re marketing to their audiences.  I enjoy hearing the successes of our customers, so I’ll be attending How La-Z-Boy is Using Data to Drive Results Through Cross-Channel Orchestration [BRK1268] to understand how La-Z-Boy drives engagement and results.


5.     Meeting YOU!

Whether it is former co-workers who are now part of our customer & partner community, or other Eloqua users who are passionate about what they do, ModernCX offers me an invaluable opportunity to connect with modern marketers. This is what keeps me coming back year after year!