In the post Building Cloud Connectors:  Connector or Feeder?, we discussed the differences between a step-based Cloud Connector, and a Feeder.


Put simply, a Feeder is an externally hosted application, that runs on a scheduled basis, and uses the Eloqua API to create  or "feed" Contacts and/or Custom Data Objects (aka DataCards) into Eloqua


When speaking with developers looking to build a Feeder, I am often asked what the basic implementation would look like.


In order to develop a Feeder, here are some basic things that you will need to do.


Develop and host your own application, external to Eloqua, that does the following:


1.  Presents a configuration page to the user that...



Collects the user's:

    • Eloqua username and password (for an API enabled account).
    • Eloqua Company name.
    • External system credentials (i.e. your system)



Allows the user to:


    • Configure field mappings between the two systems.
    • Select a contact group/list to put the contacts into.
    • Choose the interval at which to run (eg. Daily, Weekly, Monthly)



2.  Runs at the chosen interval, and uses the Eloqua API to...