In order to get started building applications on the Eloqua platform, you will first need to do some prep work.


1.  Join Eloqua’s Technology Partner Program

Fill in the form located HERE.  Once you are a signed partner, you will be given access to a development instance of Eloqua.

Note:  If you already have an instance of Eloqua to work with, make sure your account has API access (speak with your Eloqua Administrator to have this set up)

2.  Review the Resources available

A great starting point is Building On The Eloqua Platform - A Resource Guide, where you will find plenty of How-Tos and code snippets to get you going.  Also check the "How" area of Code It regularly for the latest posts.

3.  Check Out What Others Have Built

Visit the Eloqua Appcloud to see what is currently available for use by Eloqua customers.

4.  Discuss Your Experiences and Ask Questions

Participate in current discussions, and pose questions to the Eloqua Development Community.