We recently added support for searching a List or Group for Contacts. If you're not familiar with the C# Client, you can learn more about it here.

In today's post, we'll show you how to search for Contacts in a List.


Let's start by instantiating a new instance of the client and searching for a contact list :


Client client = new Eloqua.Api.Rest.ClientLibrary.Client("site", "user", "password");
ContactList list = client.Assets.ContactList.Get("*", 1, 100);


We'll assume that you're going to be searching for contacts in a List with ID : 1

And invoke a request to search the list for all contacts with the domain : @domain.com


int? listId = 1;

var result = client.Assets.ContactListMember.Get(listId, "*@domain.com", 1, 100);


We hope that you find this helpful.

Please note that the REST API is not yet public and the code samples available here are my own work. I'll be glad to help support and fix issues in the code, but please understand that Eloqua will not be able to support this - as it is my own.