In a previous post, we looked at Testing your Cloud Component Provider using the Eloqua Cloud Component Test Utility.


Now that you've tested your Provider and all of it's Endpoints, you're ready to submit your components for approval and registration in Eloqua.


In order to have your components registered, so that they appear in Eloqua for use, you will need to go through the following approval process:

  1. Use the Test App to make sure that your component(s) are *fully* working.
  2. Click the Submit button in the test app, which will submit your component provider for approval.
  3. The approval team at Eloqua will receive an email informing them that your components are ready to be reviewed.
  4. If further information is required (i.e. usage instructions, test credentials), a member of the approval team will contact you.
  5. The approval team will test the component(s) and either approve or deny the submission.
  6. You will be informed of the decision.


If all goes well, your component(s) will be approved and passed on to the deployment team at Eloqua for registration within the application.


Some items to note:


  • Once registered in Eloqua, your component(s) will be available to all Eloqua instances (there is currently no way to have it registered in a single instance, but they will have to be enabled in order to be used see next item).
  • The component(s) will need to first be enabled by an Eloqua customer administrator to be used in a particular Eloqua instance.