The Eloqua API utilizes HTTP basic authentication. Each request must include an Authentication header, with a base-64 encoded value.


The header should be in the form of:

siteName + '\' + username + ':' + password


Here's what an example, using a site name of "COMPANYX", a username of "user1", and password of "password123", would look like:



Now, base-64 encode the above string to get:




We then use that string to create the Authentication Header:


Authorization: Basic Q09NUEFOWVhcdXNlcjE6cGFzc3dvcmQxMjM=


For further information on HTTP Basic Authentication, see: RFC 2617 - HTTP Authentication: Basic and Digest Access Authentication


Now that you've authenticated, it's time to make a Request.  Let's start with Eloqua REST API - HTTP Verbs