When it comes to building cloud connectors, one of the most frequently requested features is the ability to have Eloqua *push* notifications out to an app, instead of having to go through the process of polling for members.


Well, I am very happy to report that the Eloqua platform development team is currently working on a framework for doing exactly this.


There are still few details, and a release date is not yet available, but it should work something like this:


When setting up your cloud connector within Eloqua, you will have the ability to specify a "callback" URL.  When an Eloqua program runs, and a Cloud Connector step is encountered, it will call this URL and notify you that your step now has members ready for processing by your app.  You can then take this information and call into the step to retrieve the members and process them accordingly.  Instead of polling on a scheduled basis, your app can simply wait until it is called in order to act.


I will post further updates as I have them, but thought I'd share this bit of really good news!