The results of our poll (The specified item was not found.) are in and .NET came in second place! We're excited to announce that we've started a .NET SDK Project to help developers building on the Bulk API.


The project is open source and currently supports the following operations :

  • Contact Exports
  • Contact Imports
  • Custom Object Exports
  • Custom Object Imports
  • Account Exports
  • Account Imports


This is an open source project and we encourage contributions from the community. The project is available on Github or you can clone it from : fredsakr/eloqua-csharp-sdk · GitHub


The Winter release is scheduled to include support for Exporting Activity Data and we'll aim to have it supported by this client on Day 1.




Create Client

var info = BulkClient.GetAccountInfo(site, user, password);
var client = new BulkClient(site, user, password, info.Urls.Apis.Rest.Bulk);


Search Assets

List<ContactFilter> filters = _client.ContactFilters.Search(searchTerm, page, count);


Create Export

Export export = new Export
    name = "sample export",
    fields = fields,
    filter = filter,
    secondsToAutoDelete = 3600,
    secondsToRetainData = 3600,

var exportResult = client.ContactExport.CreateExport(export);

Sync sync = new Sync
                status = SyncStatusType.pending,
                syncedInstanceUri = exportResult.uri
var syncResult = _client.ContactExport.CreateSync(sync);

var data = _client.ContactExport.GetExportData(exportResult.uri);


Please note that these libraries are not written or supported by Eloqua. Questions about these libraries can be directed to the author on Github or here on Topliners.


We hope that you find this helpful and please let us know if you have any questions.