1) (optional) Initiate a Get inquiry to get Site ID, site name, URIs, and user details

     URI to initiate the action GET https://login.eloqua.com/id

       9-19-2013 6-04-21 PM.png

Response as it appears in Fiddler - JSON format:
9-19-2013 6-06-03 PM.png

2) Initiate a POST request to create an Export definition:

URI to initiate the export: POST https://secure.eloqua.com/API/Bulk/1.0/contact/export?format=json
This time you have to provide the details of the fields and the data that you want to include in the export:

This could look something like this:







9-19-2013 6-10-55 PM.png

Response status should be 201 and should look something like:

9-19-2013 6-19-57 PM.png

3) Initiate a POST request to create a SYNC

POST https://secure.eloqua.com/API/Bulk/1.0/sync

Request Body: {"syncedInstanceUri":"/contact/export/14"}

9-19-2013 6-27-12 PM.png

Response would look something like this:

9-19-2013 6-27-01 PM.png
4) You can Poll the sync to make sure it's been created successfully:

URI: https://secure.eloqua.com/API/Bulk/1.0/sync/syncID

9-19-2013 6-29-25 PM.png
Response should indicate a success status

9-19-2013 6-29-51 PM.png

5) Initiate a Get request to get the data from the staging area:

GET https://secure.eloqua.com/API/Bulk/1.0/contact/export/EPORTID/data?page=1&pageSize=10&format=json

Response would show the data in the staging area