With Eloqua's Summer release, a new RESTful endpoint was developed for retrieving a visitor profile.


Here is an example of its usage:



GET /API/REST/2.0/data/visitors?count={count}&page={page}&search={search}&orderBy={orderBy}&lastUpdatedAt={lastUpdatedAt}




    "elements": [


            "type": "VisitorViewData",

            "visitorId": "88888",

            "createdAt": "1395423247",

            "V_IPAddress": "",

            "V_LastVisitDateAndTime": "1395426873",

            "externalId": "a10746a6-2480-425b-9db7-f20f4ac1c37e",

            "contactId": "8"



    "page": 1,

    "pageSize": 5,

    "total": 1




The response contains information from the Visitor profile in Eloqua.  The information you can currently retrieve is:


visitorIdThe ID of the Visitor profile
createdAtDate the Visitor profile was created
V_IPAddressIP address of the Visitor
V_LastVisitDateAndTimeDate of last visit to an Eloqua asset for this profile
externalIdCustomer GUID for this Visitor profile
contactidThe Contact record ID associated to this profile, if any


One common usage scenario for this endpoint is retrieving Eloqua Contact information when all you have is a GUID from the Eloqua cookie.  For example:


  • Search for a Visitor profile by the externalId using the GUID, a10746a6-2480-425b-9db7-f20f4ac1c37e.

GET /API/REST/2.0/data/visitors?search=externalId=a10746a6-2480-425b-9db7-f20f4ac1c37e&page=1&count=5



  • From the response, grab the contactId (if there is one)
  • Use the Eloqua API to look up the Contact record by ID


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