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1 Post authored by: Syed Naqvi
Syed Naqvi

Eloqua PHP Client

Posted by Syed Naqvi Dec 16, 2011

Good news for folks wanting to use PHP to invoke Eloqua Service. We have been investigating the issues related to invoking Webservice calls through Native PHP Soap client using the EloquaService WSDL and have built a client that can solve your problem.


The client provides services to invoke SOAP call for all the methods enumerated in the Eloqua API 1.2 which provides functionality for managing assets, entities, activities, group memberships as well as basic email sending. The client also consist of a list of samples which include examples for most Eloqua API service calls. We encourage folks to join in the fun and suggest any other sample they would like to see.



Note: This client is currently in ALPHA and looking forward to the brave ones to try it. We will move it to Beta and forward after adding more functionality based on customer requirements & interest.



What do you need to have ?

There are some pre-req to using the client : 

  1. PHP 5.x installed
  2. PHP Soap Extension must be enabled
  3. PHP OpenSSL Extension must be enabled
  4. Have Git installed and configured if you want to fetch the project repository using Git.(Optional)



How can you get it ? 

  1. Create a free account on
  2. Please send an email with your username to for getting access to the repository containing the PHP Client.
  3. Please read the README on steps for how to use it.

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