It’s important not to overwhelm your prospective customers with multiple different emails in a short time span. With multiple sales and marketing personnel is it possible to do this in a more automated manner?


Creating a default Contact Filter in your distribution lists can help you reduce “over marketing” to your contacts. The Customer Administrator of your install will have access to the Distribution List Defaults setup module (Setup > User Management > User Defaults and Settings > Default Lists for Users).




You can define defaults for All Users, a Security Group, a User Folder, or individually select the users you would like to apply the defaults to.

Click on Filter Contacts in the Excluded Section to add a new filter as a default to your distribution lists. Click to add a contact filter and then Create New.


In the new contact filter we want to include an Activity Based Filter, Have Been Sent an Email. From here we can define the details.




There are multiple different options you can select here such as the number of emails, the timeframe of receiving those emails as well as which emails should be included.

After you have created the new filter, add it to your included Contact Filters. Below you can see the new filter has been added.




Once you have finished adding the required filters, click Add Defaults to apply the settings. Once saved successfully these new defaults will apply to any new distribution lists created going forward.


When the user attempts to create a new distribution list, they will find that the new default filter has been automatically applied.




By applying this by default it helps users remember to include it (it's included for them automatically) and it also doesn't take up an extra criteria item when they are creating their own filters, which are limited to 15 criteria in each Contact Filter.