Eloqua is home to great reporting, limited only by your imagination!  Have you ever considered combining a Contact Field Completeness report with an activity based filter, or using an Email Overview Report, which aggregates results by a key contact field of interest, such as by 'Country' or 'Region' or even 'Company'?

In this article, I’m going to focus on how to use the Contact Field Completeness with Contact Filter report to create a simple widget identifying bounceback hot spots.


We all know email deliverability critical in making sure your message reaches the inbox. However, keeping tabs on your marketers ensuring their email deployments are not negatively impacting our overall, global efforts, can be challenging.

Here was ONE way to be more on top of issues of email deliverability or subscription health by understanding exactly where any issues (such as a high number of bouncebacks) were taking place.


(1) Show me my Data! Building a contact view

Create, or have your administrators create, a contact view, to isolate the field(s) of interest from all of your segmentation fields. See only what you want and need!



(2) Find me all my bouncebacks (or unsubscribes) in the last X days/months by Country... OR Geo region... OR etc.

Country, Geo.Region, Email Address Domain, Job Title (normalised I hope!), etc.

Simply create a new contact filter, with a single criteria 'Bounceback' (or Subscription) and set the time range for something practical, in the past 1 month.

(3) Build me my report!

Go to Reporting and search 'Field Completeness'. Find the report 'Contact Field Completeness by Contact Filter'.

Chose your filter, pick your view, and run!

Drill down on each of the major segments (e.g. Country, Email Domain, Region, etc.) to get the breakdown. Add these reports to a dashboard, or to an email update report!

Quick tip! Want to keep your finger on any hot leads turning cold? Copy your bounceback filter just created and add a contact segmentation field 'Lead Status' = HOT (or whatever your naming convention is) to find and be alerted instantly to any changes to email status of 'HOT' leads.