We finally launched the SMS for Eloqua service! This awsome Cloud Connector solution allows Eloqua clients to optimise their communications towards the Mobile channel through a simple SMS integrated into the Program Builder step process.


SMS for Eloqua Webinar coming up on May 10th.

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Its been quite a challenge, from mid 2010 when one of Eloqua clients in UK approached us about potentially building the cloud connector for them. This specific client had been using SMS within its operations in the past but was bouncing between a 3rd party vendor and the bespoke developed SMS capability in Eloqua by Strike Iron. The client wasn't able to scale it up to the desired levels as well as they communicated they couldn't get the automation feature with 2 way SMS capability to work. Now they can, with 1/3 of the cost they used to have.


Dialogue Communications has 16 years of Bespoke Mobile developments and API connections, hence when the challenge presented itself to utilise the great Cloud Connector we went straight ahead and started typing the 1's and 0's. Now after 6 month of talks and development the service is live and available globally! Kudos to the Eloqua team that has given us support in the development process, and we are now continuing to evolve our partnership through coordinated activities. BTW - can't wait for the upcoming Eloqua Experience in London!


If you want to see the service in action, go to http://www.dialogue.net/sms-for-eloqua/ or drop me a line and I'll set up a web meeting/demo. Also you can download the attached training pack in this blog.


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