I love using Signature Layouts in my emails to personalize the sender information. The layout is essentially just a collection of field merges pulling information from the Eloqua Agent's Signature Fields.*


When you build a layout you may wonder, "Hmmmm, I wonder if the Sales Users that are loaded into Eloqua** have information for all of the fields I have selected..."  For example, maybe you want to have the signature layout pull the sales user's first and last name, job title, a personal message, a mobile phone number and a land line.  Hopefully, each sales user has the first three, but do they have the personal message? Do they have a mobile and land line listed? It's easy to see this information.


After you build your layout, return to the signature layouts list (Communicate > Email Marketing > Email tab > Get started bar – Signatures drop down > Manage Signature Layouts). Locate your signature layout and click on the drop down arrow next to it. Choose Testing Options. There are two.


manage signature layouts.png

The top option shows you how the fields in your signature layout match up against all users loaded in Eloqua. If you choose the top option, you might see that Tom is missing a mobile phone number and Sue is missing a Personal Message. If Tom and Sue are the only two listed in this report, you know every other user in the system has information in the fields selected for this particular signature layout. Woo hoo! If you see that all of your users are missing a field, like Personal Message you may want to do a user upload for that field.


If you select the second testing option you will see how the signature fields match up against a particular Signature Rule. If Tom is included in the Signature Rule, then he would still show up in the report. If both Tom and Sure are not included in the Signature Rule you select then neither would show up on this second report.


This is an easy to use functionality, but one that I just learned about and I am excited to share. Go forth and test thee your signature layouts!


*Footnote Numero Uno: Want to check your own signature fields? Go to Setup > My Settings > Edit Agent Settings, scroll down and click on the General Info header.


**Footnote Numero Dos: Want to learn more about how to upload Sales folks into Eloqua without giving them access to change all of your beautiful assets?  Go to Setup > Management > User Management > Get started bar - Users drop down > Choose Upload users.  From this upload screen you can actually download a template for placing User information in a format that Eloqua can easily map. Make sure to leave the column called SecurityGroup blank so that the Sales Users have very limited access inside of Eloqua and they do not count against your user allowance.