As news of the numerous data breaches affecting Email Service Providers (ESPs) and other data processors circulates throughout the online marketing industry, an increasing amount of attention is being paid to data security. Data breaches are at “best” frustrating, at worst reputation killers. A common misconception is that the company storing the data is always at the heart of the breach and is therefore the only one required to take preventative action. This is often not the case. Many breaches are caused not by the employees / systems of the data processor, but rather users of the systems that access the data.


Think about it for a moment: after carefully selecting a vendor with state of the art security features, competent internal data management practices, thorough training and employee / contractor audits, you entrust that service provider with your data. All of that goes out the window if your own username and password to that system is compromised (commonly via phishing attack) and used by a malicious party to access your account.


Controls exist to help cut down on potentially malicious attempts to access your system. For example, did you know that Eloqua provides an IP address restriction function that can restrict access to your system by IPs defined by you? Even if your username and password were compromised, this tool could prevent the attacker from being able to access the system. It works by allowing you to specify the IP – not just account – permitted to access the system. Simply contact Eloqua Support with your corporate IP range (and any other legitimate IPs you and your users access the system with) and they will do the rest. This is a quick and easy way to add an extra layer of security to your data and remember – security is everyone’s responsibility!