The question came up in today's Power Hour... where can I get more information on best practices for Salesforce and Eloqua? If you search Topliners for "Salesforce" or "CRM" you will find lots of articles, but I vowed to give a starter's kit to help distill some information for you.


Where to Begin?

I will start with a short list for how to think about approaching the CRM + Eloqua relationship. It is a big topic, so if you are just starting the dive, here's the top 3 things to think about;

  1. Know how your integration works. There are some simple tips below. If you want to learn more, there is a Power Hour on this topic on June 17, 2011 ( If you need additional help, contact Eloqua Support.
  2. Check to see that everything is working as it should. From time to time, check the errors reports and do some manual tests. You can also check out the Eloqua/SFDC integration program and scan for issues.
  3. Do a data refresh from your CRM to Eloqua once a year. You can contact Eloqua Support to assist with this.


"But How?" You Say....

Here is a short list of resources that you may find very helpful as you explore how to get the most out of your CRM Integration with Eloqua. This is the tip of the iceberg and I encourage any readers to share their favorite factoids, blog posts, articles, etc. in the comments!


  • Where can I read about the true basics so I understand the foundations of CRM Integration? Open up your install of Eloqua, navigate to the Knowledgebase and search for CRM. There is a helpful CRM FAQs that explains what the integration actually achieves (i.e. two way synchronization of data, basic navigation and more).
  • What does my integration look like? Go into your Eloqua Install and take a look at your CRM Integration within Program Builder. First question to ask yourself, do I understand what this Program is currently doing? Second question to ask yourself, should I change or tweak some of the flow of information?
  • What information is being passed? To gain more insight, pull a report to see the Field Mappings passed between your CRM and Eloqua. Instructions for pulling this report are available on the Knowledgebase, simply search for "field mappings from CRM" to access the step-by-step instructions.


If you are currently thinking, "Yes! I have a clear vision for how my integration is currently running and I want to tweak this integration..." here are a some additional resources:


Now it is your turn... what is your favorite resource when it comes to taking the dive into CRM Integration?