This post is for those that are about to setup their integration with Eloqua and their (SFDC) CRM, or are considering it. Here are just a few best practices - feel free to add more in the comments:


  • Ensure you use Campaigns. For any form or upload (say from a tradeshow), ensure there is an SFDC Campaign ID that is uploaded into Eloqua. This will ensure that Contacts/Leads are associated to Campaigns and will help you track marketing's contribution to the pipeline and closed deals. It will also help marketing determine where they should and shouldn't be spending money.

  • Get SFDC Accounts integrated into Eloqua for improved segmentation. This will allow you to segment based on such items as customer vs. prospect. If there are other SFDC objects you want to integrate with Eloqua, discuss this with your Eloqua Success team. Look at ways you can streamline how you build your email lists so you can automate processes and spend time on other tasks.

  • Have your lead scoring program feed into your SFDC integration program. This way you are scoring the leads before they get passed to the CRM. This also allows you to block low rated leads from flowing to the CRM. You may also want to consider running your contacts through a Contact Washing Machine prior to passing them to your CRM integration program.


  • Upload all contacts through Eloqua (instead of the CRM) as Eloqua will prevent duplicates from passing to the CRM and you can score/cleanse the data and keep your pristine.


  • Your sales team will now have access to new activity data that Eloqua produces - this is their prospects' digital body language. Train your sales team on how best to use that data to help them close more deals. You can also opt for Eloqua’s sales enablement tools. You will also need to train sales on how best to use these tools


  • Ensure that you have a proper lead management process in place. Take the Lead Management course offered by Eloqua University if you need additional assistance. There are also some great consultants out there who may be able to assist you if needed.


  • Take the revised Eloqua Administrator course coming out in June/July that will include CRM integration. Have a look at the Eloqua University.



  • Have the Eloqua implementation team walk through your entire Eloqua/CRM integration  so you understand how it works. As an example, can you optimize the transfer of data from  SFDC to Eloqua and visa versa.


  • Review your integration program to ensure that it’s working as it should on a quarterly basis. Do new fields need to be added?


Add any additional best practices that you have.