In an ideal lead management situation, you should have your telequalification team working in a CRM like This ensures that all teams have a complete view of the customer. The typical process should work in this way: web visitor fills out a form (integrated with Eloqua of course), it passes through Eloqua (may be scored, cleansed etc...) and then passed into the CRM for further qualification and to hopefully turn into a nice and shiny opportunity for sales. However, in some cases that I've come across with our customers, your telequalification team can't work in your CRM. Here's one solution to consider using some features of Program Builder that are don't get the recognition they deserve.


Using Eloqua's Routing Capabilities


Within Program Builder, Eloqua has the capability to route leads to certain owners or route them randomly (round robin). In the Program below, leads are routed to telequalification team members randomly. We have differentiated between those contacts that have responded to the campaign and those that haven't. This will help the telequalification team prioritize who they should follow up with and the messaging they use when they call them. The magic Eloqua ingredient here is a feature called "Ownership Rules". You can set these up on the Decision Rule.




In the example above, not only did we assign these contacts to members of the telequalification team in a round robin format, we're also able to allow the telequalification team to review these contacts and update/add additional bits of information depending on their calls. They can then  and decide if they these contacts should be sent on to be re-scored or to be removed from the lead management process and possibly be added to a nurturing porgram. This is done through a Decision Rule step called "Agent Yes/No" (another cool hidden feature). This program sits in the background and is not viewable to the teleprospecting team. We provide them a much simpler view that allows them to easily follow up with potential leads. Here's how it looks for an individual teleprospecting team member when they get contacts assigned to them:



When the teleprospecting team members login to Eloqua, they can quickly access contacts assigned to them from Eloqua Today. In top left, there are two groups - those that did respond to the campaign and those that didn't. The telequalification team member can drill into the contact to view their digital body language and update their record. You can then check records with either a "yes" or "no" depending on how you want them to flow through the program.


If you're looking for another solution, Jesubi, a salesforce automation tool, can be used as another solution as a Cloud Connector has been built which allows data from its system to be sent back to Eloqua.