An easy way to improve attendance at your events or to have people "save the date" to have them create an appointment in their calendars with your event information. You may find that up to 50% of your event registrants don't actually show up to your events so it's crucial to leverage all the features at your disposal. Giving people a quick and easy way to get the event details into their  calendar is one simple way to smooth out the path to great attendance by eliminating one way in which they might simply forget to attend. This can simply be done by creating an .ics file with your event details that users can easily download.


In Eloqua9, you can create the .ics file directly in Eloqua. For others that may not have this feature, you can easily create an .ics file and insert a link to it in either a landing page or email. Here are the details:


UPDATE: Thomas Reyto provided this awesome tip. You can skip step 1 and use this free tool instead. It quickly and easily generates an .ics file.


1. Create calendar item in Outlook    

  • Go into Outlook and save an appointment in iCalendar   
  • In Calendar, create or open the appointment you want to save. Add in the event details (date, time, call in number, link etc…) 
  • On the File menu, click Save As. 
  • In the Save as type box, click iCalendar Format (*.ics).

6-15-2011 10-00-29 AM.png

2. Upload the calendar item to your webserver or to your Eloqua asset library


3. Add this link to your reminder email and/or confirmation page.

  • This should be easy to add to any email or confirmation page. When a user clicks on the link, it will open the calendar item.
  • In Eloqua10, go into an email or landing page and click on Insert > Hyperlink > and choose Link to a 'File in File Storage". Look for your uploaded .ics file and your done!
  • Optional: Create an “add to calendar image” to promote this feature. Here is an example:

6-15-2011 10-09-33 AM.png

     In Eloqua10, upload your image and from the email or landing page area click on Insert > Image and choose your image. Then select the image and follow the steps above to hyperlink the image.


Nothing beats a great speaker and compelling, original content for  driving attendance at a webinar or seminar, but the more you can help  your registrants to remember the details of the event, the better your  ratio of registrants to attendees will be.